Mindfulness Seminars And Classes

​​Mindfulness Integration LLC

As an educator of over 37 years, I have always strived for new ways to help my students find success.  Six years ago I came across a program on mindfulness.  I introduced it to my students and was encouraged by the changes I saw in my room.   I continued to research  and started my own practice.  It changed the way  I ran my classroom.  I integrated  mindfulness into all aspects of our day.  I became a believer when others on staff noticed a difference in my students and asked  what I was doing.  Students were able to self regulate, and showed empathy and compassion towards peers  as they moved throughout the building.  

A passion was born!  I continued to share the importance of mindfulness by conducting training sessions, in-service seminars and daily practice sessions for teachers in my  district.  After retiring from teaching, I felt compelled to continue to spread the word about the benefits of  integrating  mindfulness into the lives of children and adults.  Mindfulness Integration LLC was created!

Leigh Smith M.Ed.

Mindfulness consultant